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    About two-thirds of motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle are the fault of the automobile driver.

    Motorcycles don’t offer the same external protections as cars, so the majority of these crashes involve serious or catastrophic damages. This can result in the rider and passenger having significant medical bills, lost wages and long term physical injuries.

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    Reasons for Biker Crashes

    Bikers are exposed to road hazards that car and trucks drivers do not face. As a result of these risks, even an experienced motorcycle rider can get hurt.

    Potholes, oil spills and objects on the road are more difficult to navigate on a motorcycle than in a car. Most significantly, motorcyclists have a small profile and are therefore more difficult to notice. It is well-known that car and truck drivers often don’t even see a biker riding nearby.

    Even if the biker is driving carefully, a car or truck can pull out in front or change lines without seeing the rider. A fairly significant percentage of crashes involve a driver rear-ending a bike.

    A car or truck driver may be at fault even if they don’t hit the motorcycle. For example, if a car or truck forces a motorcycle rider to crash by cutting them off or swerving towards them, the vehicle’s driver may be responsible for the biker’s injuries.

    Other reasons for motorcycle accidents that are not the fault of a rider can include negligent road design, a defective product or negligent maintenance. If you are not sure why an accident happened, it’s a good idea to talk to an injury accident lawyer to help you get answers.

    Serious Injuries

    In 2013, more than 80% of motorcycle accidents
    in Arizona involved injuries or death.

    There is little physical protection for bike riders. Even helmets can’t prevent severe injuries in high-speed impacts. The majority were caused by negligent car and truck drivers.

    Common injuries form motorcycle crashes include:

    • Road rash
    • Neck injuries
    • Back injuries
    • Broken bones
    • Spinal cord injuries and Paralysis
    • Head and face injuries
    • Coma
    • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)

    The recovery process after these injuries can be long and financially burdensome. Medical bills can quickly pile up from visits to specialists, multiple surgeries, skin grafts, physical therapy and extended follow-up medical care and physical therapy.

    Recover Compensation Through a Motorcycle Accident Claim

    There can be a lot of anxiety and uncertainty after an accident. To protect your rights to full compensation, don’t talk to the other driver’s insurance company before talking to a lawyer. Insurance companies sometimes make quick low-ball settlement offers even before the full extent of injuries is known. Their priority is to look out for their own interests. Adam Studnicki’s priority is to look out for your interests.

    After an accident, the most important thing is to get proper medical care. After that, talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer about your rights and options. Under Arizona law, you may be entitled to compensation for past and future medical bills, property damage, lost wages, diminished earnings capacity, disability, disfigurement and pain and suffering.

    Adam Studnicki has represented people who have suffered significant injuries in bike accidents. He offers a free, no-obligation consultation, so it costs nothing to speak to him about your potential claim. Adam works on a contingency basis, which means he charges a fee only if he recovers for you.

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