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When doctors miss critical diagnoses such as cancer, appendicitis, and many other life threatening or fatal illnesses, questions arise. How can a licensed and trained doctor, a medical school graduate miss a simple diagnosis. Perhaps the doctor was busy, or didn’t see the obvious, or didn’t care? Was it something personal?

The fact is, cancer diagnoses are missed every day when they should be caught. The fact is, many doctors don’t listen to their patient’s symptoms. The reality is, that as a result of doctor negligence or incompetence, many people suffer and die unnecessarily.

A delay of a year in a breast cancer diagnosis can make the difference between survival and death. A diagnosis of appendicitis that is two days late can be fatal. Failing to diagnose the proper ailment is becoming epidemic.

Perhaps it is due to pressures from insurance companies to avoid expensive testing. Perhaps it is due to the health-care squeeze that leaves doctors spread thin among too many patients.

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