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When you go in to surgery, the last face you usually see is that of the anesthesiologist, who will regulate your consciousness during the operation. That anesthesiologist will be responsible for maintaining you in a state somewhere between awake and dead throughout the length of the procedure. Too little anesthesia and you will awake to great pain and panic; too much anesthesia and you will never wake up.

When anesthesiologists make errors in administering anesthesia, the results are usually catastrophic, including coma and death. If your loved one went into surgery and never woke up, don’t assume that everything was done correctly. It may not have been.

If you believe you have a claim for anesthesia malpractice, give Adam Studnicki a call. Adam or one of his experienced associate malpractice attorneys will evaluate your claim for free to determine whether you have a legal cause of action for anesthesia medical malpractice.